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  • Jennifer Clarkson

Our Wedding Planning Top Tips

Get Pinterest!! This has to be my top tip for getting great ideas, from DIY decorations to entire themes, so much of my wedding was inspired by innovative ideas I found while searching Pinterest. 

Keep a tight track of all payments and who they have been made by (if relatives are helping pay). Do this right from the first penny you spend on your wedding. I didn't start my budget spreadsheet until a year in to planning and wow did I regret leaving it so long.

Keep all emails from vendors, save/print quotes, invoices and contracts for your records. Having a wedding folder, file or drawer to keep all these important records in one safe place will give you priceless piece of mind. 

Before spending yours and others hard earned money on things just think about whether you'll actually notice it on the big day and how big an impact it will have on your guest experience. The little details are great but sometimes missed. 

Get ideas as your falling asleep? Write them down!! You might think you'll definitely remember these random gems but trust me you won't remember them all and there's nothing more frustrating than that. 

Keep the fiancé involved and aware of your plans. After all it is both of your wedding day, that's kind of the whole point! He/she might even surprise you with some ideas of their own...or they might just ask how much it's all costing. Either way it's best to give them a heads up of what to expect on the day...well at least tell them where they need to be and when! 

Pick your bridal appointment entourage wisely. Make sure you only take positive and supportive but honest people. People that you know are thinking of you and want the best for you. Anyone that is just focused on their own taste is not overly helpful and if you've seen any Say Yes To The Dress episodes you'll know that the entourage reaction can make or break your dress hunt. 

It's obvious and cliche but it needs saying...have fun! You may be itching to get your walk on down that aisle but stop occasionally and appreciate how much fun planning your wedding is. It's the only time you're ever going to do it and the planning lasts a lot longer than the day itself. So enjoy the DIY projects and searching Pinterest for hours and designing your invites because it's all part of the wedding experience. 

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