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Food glorious food!

When I first started wedding planning I barely thought about what food would be available on the day. Potatoes and chicken seemed extremely boring compared to dresses and rings and flowers. The only thing I was interested in initially was, of course, the wedding cake. I knew I wanted it to continue the wedding's colour theme of golds and ivories and that I wanted it to compliment my dress by being a mix of simple, classic and ‘clean’ (not fussy!). After a little while of googling I found my perfect cake design.

After finding the perfect cake design I got a taste for (pun intended!) wedding food and have decided to list my favourite ideas below:

Mini wedding cakes

Easier said than done but look SO adorable and are very unique. I LOVE the idea of decorating them like your actual wedding cake. Another, easier, way to achieve this look is by stacking cookies. I really have struggled with the delicate decoration needed to make these little treats look as beautiful as they should but am gradually getting better. Practice makes perfect so if you did get your heart set on having these at your wedding, either ask your cake maker or get the practice started ASAP. My mum does also make a very valid point when she says that the last thing I will need in the week running up to the Big Day is stress about mini cakes…maybe I will give my cake lady some extra work…

Candy table (of course!)

Everyone loves a candy table, from 8year olds to 80 year olds! I decided on keeping my candy table colour themed, golds and ivories to match the rest of the wedding. Think popcorn, Ferrero Roche, marshmallows, white chocolate chip cookies, gold foil wrapped chocolates and my personal favourite…gold MR & MRS rock candy!!! (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH-MAZING!)

Personalised food

So I have already mentioned the MR & MRS rock candy and, as you probably already know if you have read my other blogs, I LOVE anything personalised. And this doesn’t have to stop with napkins and signs, you can get personalised food too! I have seen this applied in a few ways; with piped icing on cupcakes or cookies, all the way to personalised M&Ms.

Doughnut Wall

A wall of doughnuts...what's not to love?! Our very own doughnut wall holds up to 80 doughnuts and you can select from our range of standard or Krispy Kreme doughnut packages...

Sugar Sticks

As a child I was lucky enough to have parents that took me on beautiful holidays to America every year, and as everyone knows, no one does food and sweet treats quite like the USA. One of my favourite sweets that I would always see out there were their sugar sticks. I just love how they look and I have never seen them at any wedding I have attended before. I don’t think they’re common in the UK so I can imagine some guests pondering over what they are!

Fortune cookies

I saw these on Pinterest some time ago and just love the idea, one because of all the pretty designs I have seen and two because you can put a sweet message inside them for your guests. These could accompany the wedding breakfast, the sweets table or act as a great option for favours.

Food bars/stations

This has always been something I have wanted to do at my wedding. When I was a student one of my flatmates said that if I continued eating so many nachos I would wake up a tortilla chip one day (a girl can dream!). So naturally when I heard about the idea of food stations I immediately wanted a nachos station!! Over the following days this developed in to a need for a cheese fountain (a twist on the classic chocolate fountain) with bowls of tortilla chips, salsa, sour cream, jalapenos, etc. surrounding it. Unfortunately these fountains are extremely expensive so this idea will remain as a dream…

Some of our other favourite station ideas are pizza, churros, pretzels and ice cream....

At this point I should probably pass on the advice that my mum keeps giving me; with a three course meal, canapes, evening food and drinks, people will be stuffed! So do keep in mind that a lot of your extras may not get eaten. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do them, just try to prioritise which ones you really want in order to avoid breaking the bank on food that may end up in the bin.

After all this talk of food I need to go and make dinner!

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