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  • Jennifer Clarkson

Wedding Decor Checklist [FREE download]

It can sometimes feel overwhelming planning a wedding, with so many decisions to make and budgets to keep in mind, it can easily feel as though it's all getting on top of you. I know I spent many nights awake for hours going over and over every little detail, worried that I'd forgotten something. Fast forward four years and not only do I have the hindsight of my own wedding to draw from, but I'm lucky enough to be able to take inspiration from hundreds of weddings that we've styled. With this experience in mind we've put together a complete Wedding Decor Checklist to make your life a bit easier (and allow you to avoid sleepless nights!).

Whatever style, colour theme or venue type you've chosen, our complete wedding decor checklist is all you need to make sure all the pretty bits and final details have been thought of! Simply download, print and tick your way through one of the most fun to-do lists you'll ever completed!

Download below image 👇👇👇

Wedding Decor Checklist - OWE
Download PDF • 835KB

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