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  • Jennifer Clarkson

DIY Wedding Favours

The cost of weddings has been sending bride-to-be's (and let's be honest, groom, parents, grandparents...the list goes on) into meltdown for decades and sadly the cost of weddings only seems to be going up (*company plug warning* - the decor doesn't have to be though! Check out our affordable range of beautiful wedding decor). So any form of wedding DIY is becoming more and more popular as it can save pennies and pounds in your overall budget. A great opportunity to get some money-saving DIY in, is with your wedding favours!

Wedding favours are a small gift to all of your wedding guests (normally day guests only) as a little thank you for sharing your special day with you both. They can also serve as a memorable keepsake for friends and family members (try and keep at least on for yourself as well!).

Here's our favourite DIY wedding favours:

1. Personalised Candles

This has to be our number one as this is what we did!! OK, so I can't claim to have actually made each candle from scratch, but nevertheless this simple and cheap option looked beautiful and got loads of comments from our guests. I love going over to friends and families homes and seeing our wedding candle on their coffee table or window ledge. I also had around 10 left over after "accidentally" buying too many candles (ooops! Sorry not sorry hubs).

So here's how I made them...

Buy cheap (from just £1.50) candles from Tesco, IKEA, etc.

Design sticker (I used InDesign but you could probably make them in paint)

Buy sheets of appropriately sized stickers from amazon, etc.

Print sticker design onto sticker sheets

Stick on candle...DONE!!

See....super easy!

2. Cocktail Kit

Give your guests the gift of your favourite cocktail with this cute mini cocktail kits. Cheap and easy to put together, personalise with a handwritten tag!

3. I love you s'more

Taking some inspiration from a favourite across the pond, these little DIY s'more packs are a great idea and guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

4. For Richer or Poorer

This one's a really cute idea for any Christmas-time weddings!

5. Mini Bottle of Bubbly

Honestly, I have stolen this idea from one of my closest friends. I still have the bottle (albeit it may now be empty...)

6. Fortune Tellers

An absolute classic from school and great as conversation starters on your guest tables.

7. We Tied the Knot, Now Take a Shot

We're not alcoholics...honest!!

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