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  • Jennifer Clarkson

Picking your theme

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

When myself and Tom first got engaged I was only sure on our wedding colours, I hadn't even thought about a wedding theme and to be honest any thoughts of a wedding theme conjured up images of horribly tacky over the top. Our theme actually came about when we were advised by our reception venue manager to name the tables rather than number them (a nifty way to ensure no guest feels totally unloved sat at table 15!). Armed with this advice I instantly knew what would make the perfect table names for mine and Tom's day to encompass so many of our favourite memories and to reflect our love of holidays, so we decided to name each table after a place we had been on holiday to together (we are already so lucky to have visited some incredible places together and thankfully enough to name all 9 tables!). From here my mind ran wild with ideas of plane ticket invites, a world map seating plan and luggage tag place cards. I still didn't want that over the top theme so I made sure to keep the travel elements subtle and personal by adding Polaroids from the relevant holiday to each table.

My top advice for picking a theme would be not to overthink or pressure it too much. It should be something meaningful to you both so if it doesn't come relatively naturally maybe you just don't need one!

Whether you have a full on Harry Potter themed wedding with wands and broomsticks, or no theme at all, just remember that the real theme of the day is you and your new husband or wife!!

Love always

Jenny Xx

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