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Send these photos to your photographer immediately!

Capturing your big day the right way is so important, it’s the main way you’ll look back on the whirlwind that is your wedding day. We’ve put together a collection of our favourite wedding photo ideas below that we think give your album the perfect mix of fun and sentimental. You’ll also find out top tips at the bottom of this blog.

Will you be wearing a veil? If so don’t forget to incorporate it in your photos. A long veil flowing in the breeze adds drama and elegance. The photo above shows how much depth a veil can add and still draws your attention to the happy couple.

Do we even need to explain why this one is a must-have??

If you weren’t already having a sparkler send-off this photo may change your mind!

We love this photo for so many reasons; the fun pose, the contrast between black and white and colour…and the look on the grooms face!

As long as the venue, Bridesmaids (and bridesmaid dresses!) allow it, this photo is too fun to not have.

Simple. Beautiful. Just perfection.

Not everyone will be happy with this angle but we love this fun and quirky group shot.

Who doesn’t love any excuse to show off their engagement ring?!

This photo is actually from my own wedding and I could not resist including it! Thank you to our awesome groomsmen for being such good sports and getting on board for this photo, I'm 100% certain it will never stop bring hilarious to me! Photo credit to our amazing photographer, David Glover (David Glover Photography)

Top tips:

  • Share your must-have and favourite photo examples with your photographer in advance, that way they’ll know the shots that are essential to get as well as getting a feel for the kind of style of photos you want up on your mantelpiece.

  • Take a tour around your venue, including all the grounds. This will let you discover the full potential of photos you can get in and around your venue.

  • I couldn’t do a top tips without including Pinterest! As always, use this invaluable resource to find some beautiful photo inspiration. You can also share your board with your photographer to make tip no.1 super easy.

  • Have a wet weather plan. It’s good to stay positive about the weather forecast but it’s sensible to be prepared for the temperamental British weather. Photographers are often prepared enough to ensure that if there is a gap in the clouds you get some outdoor photos during this time. Don’t forget that a rainy umbrella shot or a puddle reflection can make for beautiful photos.

  • Don’t be shy to check the photos on the day, not only does it let you get a ‘take two’ if needed but it’s also really exciting to see a sneak preview!

  • When choosing your photographer make sure to check out their portfolio, it’s your best chance to see the quality of their photos, their eye for creativity and their photography style. If you can't see a full portfolio on their website don’t be shy to ask, photography can take a large chunk of your budget and more importantly will be providing you with the photos you’ll look back on for the rest of your life!

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